Cinelerra – Professional Video Editor for Linux

Anyone who find Kino is too simple for them, Cinelerra is your choice.

For hardware requirements, you should have at least 500MHz CPU, 256MB RAM and more than 1 GB hard drive space for very small project, an OpenGL display card. For details, please refer to official manual.

Download it here.

Updated on 2007-06-27 :
You may encounter a warning message when you run Cinelerra :

The following errors occurred:
void MWindow::init_shm0: WARNING:/proc/sys/kernel/shmmax is 0x2000000, which is too low.
Before running Cinelerra do the following as root:
echo “0x7fffffff”>/proc/sys/kernel/shmmax

You should add the following line to `/etc/sysctl.conf’ :


Then, issue the command :

sudo sysctl -p

Cinelerra does not support OGG video and audio by import but it can render to OGG format. If you load the OGG file, it will crash. I use this script or download here to convert OGG file that complied by recordMyDesktop to MPG.

Then loaded to the Cinelerra, added audio and other stuff or FX. For audio, I selected WAV. After that, I rendered to OGG format via Cinelerra. I then use the captioned script to convert to FLV. The size is very small that fix into YouTube, but be keep in mind that your time and size of the FLV (or OGG/MPG) should not exceed 10 minutes and 100MB.

You also need to install mencoder :

sudo apt-get install mencoder

For the script, you need to copy to the “~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/” and

chmod 740 ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/video-convert

Here is my first music video :

Enjoy video making!

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