Bluetooth networking with Windows Mobile 5 under Ubuntu 7.04

It is quite easy to share the internet connection with Ubuntu 7.04 laptop between Windows Mobile 5 pocket PC for HSDPA.

Step 1
Ubuntu 7.04 side :

Step 1a
Install the following packages :

sudo apt-get install bluez-pin bluez-utils gnome-bluetooth

Step 1b
Turn on the Bluetooth of Pocket PC and find the Pocket PC from the Ubuntu Laptop by issuing :

hcitool scan

Step 1c
Then, you will see the following (the address is different from yours) :

Scanning …
00:0E:07:37:7C:BD Samiux

Step 1d
Set the passwords of the pairing at Ubuntu laptop (where “Samiux” is the identification of Pocket PC) :

bluez-pin in Samiux
bluez-pin out Samiux

I set both password as the same.

Step 1e
Append the following lines to “/etc/network/interfaces” :

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

auto bnep0
iface bnep0 inet dhcp

Step 2
Pocket PC side :

Step 2a
Turn on your Pocket PC’s Bluetooth connection and set its visibility to ‘Show to all’ or equivalent.

Step 2b
On your Pocket PC to Start->Programs->Internet Sharing, choose Bluetooth PAN, and your NetworkConnection and choose Connect.

Step 3
Then, connect your Ubuntu 7.04 laptop to your Pocket PC :

sudo modprobe bnep
sudo pand –connect 00:0E:07:37:7C:BD

Enter passwords (you have set them previously) on Pocket PC and laptop.

Step 4
Now, you will get an IP and you can surf the internet with the connection of Bluetooth.

When you want to reconnect to the internet again after disconnection, you just repeat the Step 2 to 3.


Updated on 2007-Nov-12 :
For Ubuntu 7.10, you just ignore the Step 1a and 1d. I use this method to surf the internet on ASUS Eee PC.