RAID on VirtualBox

I had tried VirtualBox and Vmware player to install Ubuntu 7.04 as RAID 0 and 5 but they were unsuccessful. VirtualBox crashed while installing packages and Vmware player cannot install the GRUB at the end of the installation. However, I had successfully installed RAID 1 on both virtualization softwares. The RAID 1 installation is for the OS itself and data as well as swap partitions.

For creating .vmx for Vmware player, you can go to EasyVmx and choose “easyvmx” icon to create. After creating the vmx file, you can download it and extract on your hard drive and use it directly. Easy?

For creating virtual image for VirtualBox, you have to follow the instructions of the program. After creating a hard drive, you can clone it to a second drive by the following command at the directory of “home/samiux/.VirtualBox/VDI” (where “samiux” is my home directory). After that, you can use the drives for the RAID 1 :

VBoxManage clonevdi vraid-0.vdi vraid-2.vdi

*where vraid-0.vdi is the first drive and vraid-2.vdi is the second drive.

The speed of VirtualBox is slightly faster which is compared with Vmware player.

For OS, I choose Ubuntu 7.04. As the “alternate” version already has mdadm installed, you can create RAID 1 easily. For instructions, please refer to this guide.

After trying the virtualization, I am now full of confidence to create a real RAID 5 on my system later.

Enjoy RAIDing!

Updated on 2007-07-27 :
The RAID 1 on VirtualBox cannot be boot up when one of the hard drive was removed.