Ubuntu 7.04 recognized my ATA drive as SATA

I just bought one more second hand IBM Thinkpad T23 yesterday, it was better than my previous one. It comes with 1.266GHz Pentinum III CPU, 1GB RAM, 1440×1050 LCD resolution, IEEE 802.11b/g wireless, 40GB hard drive. I am very exciting with my new toy. I played with the pre-installed Windows XP for a while in order to test all components workable or not. After that, I installed Ubuntu 7.04 SE (Samiux Edition, my remastered Ubuntu).

I found that it took over 6 hours to install the Ubuntu, I quited before it was completed. Firstly, I suspected it was because of the low end hard drive. However, I recalled that the Windows XP was running fast before. It was not the problem. Later, I found out that Ubuntu 7.04 recognized the ATA drive as a SATA drive and the performance of the hard drive was too low to accept.

I tried the following method and it was unsuccessful.

sudo hdparm -A 1 -a 2048 /dev/sda

The installation took more than two hours but showing “Configuring Hardware”.

Update on 2007-09-17 :
I found out that the hard drive of the T23 was out of order. It requires to repair. I inspected my old IBM T23 and found out that Ubuntu also recognized the hard drive as SATA and it should not have problem.

Update on 2007-09-19 :
The hard drive was replaced and it it is running good under Ubuntu 7.04 SE. However, the battery is dead. I will replace it later.