Hardware incompatible list for Linux

It is a headache to buy hardware for Linux today even some hardware vendors are producing their products with Linux drivers. You can refer to the following site when you are planning to buy a piece of hardware for your Linux box.


Make USB works on VirtualBox 1.5.2 – Ubuntu 7.10

After upgraded to VirtualBox 1.5.2, the USB function was gone. I am using Ubuntu 7.10 SE right now.

Hereby, I post the solution :

Step 1 :

sudo addgroup usbfs

Write down the dev group id of the usbfs, such as 1002 or 1003.

Step 2 :

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

Add the following line to the end of the “/etc/fstab” file. The example dev group id below is 1002, if it is 1003, replace with it.

none /proc/bus/usb usbfs devgid=1002,devmode=664 0 0

Step 3 :
Add you to the usbfs group.

sudo usermod -G usbfs -a your_account

That’s all.

Remark :
If you are new to VirtualBox, you should also refer to the following link.

VirtualBox on Ubuntu 7.04

OpenOffice.org 2.2 vs Microsoft Word 2000

I needed to use my company pre-designed Microsoft Word document format (fill in the blank style). I edited the document with OpenOffice.org 2.2 under Ubuntu. I found no problem at all. When I was asked to save as Microsoft Word or Open Document format, I chose Microsoft Word format.

Later, my boss told me that she could edit the document any further under Microsoft Word 2000. Although all the data and format are same as I edited, the document cannot be edited anymore.

In conclusion, OpenOffice.org 2.2 is not fully compatible with Microsoft Word 2000.

OpenSUSE on IBM ThinkPad T23

I installed OpenSUSE 10.3 on IBM ThinkPad T23 which is not equipped with WiFi.

It is running smoothly except for the Traditional Chinese fonts. It caused the some problems on Firefox. However, it can be fixed by installing the fonts (odosung and uming) at http://software.opensuse.org/search.

OpenSUSE is equipped with Java and Flash. It is quite user-friendly. However, some WiFi drivers should be installed yourselves compared with Ubuntu 7.04.

I installed OpenSUSE because of the fact that Lenovo will sell her products that pre-installed with Novell SUSE. I want to buy a Lenovo ThinkPad T61 with pre-installed Linux.