ASUS Eee PC comes without “Quick 速成” Traditional Chinese Input Method. We can easily to add this input method on it.

Download the Quick.bin and Quick.png to /home/user and copy them to their destination.

Call the terminal out by pressing “Ctrl”+”Alt”+”t”, then issue the following comnand at /home/user directory.

sudo cp Quick.bin /usr/share/scim/tables

sudo cp Quick.png /usr/share/scim/icons

Change the Eee PC from English to Traditional Chinese :

sudo nano /etc/default/locale


Reboot your system and the Traditional Chinese layout and “Quick” are ready!



2 Responses

  1. hello, sorry am a new user to linux, have an asus eeepc. just want to check, after i alter the terminal, do i straightaway reboot the system?
    i tried it for a bluetooth dongle (blue soleil) but it didn’t seem to work – there was no bluetooth installed after i restarted… would appreciate if you could have any advice on this!

  2. Cynthia,

    Sorry, I never use bluetooth dongle on original Linux OS that comes with Eee.

    I have changed the original Linux OS to Ubuntu eee and you can try this out.

    As far as I know, Ubuntu 8.04.1 (or Ubuntu eee) can handle bluetooth dongle.


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