Surfing internet by connecting Ubuntu 7.10 on Eee PC to Microsoft Mobile 6 via Bluetooth dongle

I have several laptops (such as Eee PC, SONY TR-1, IBM Thinkpad T23) and all are running Ubuntu 7.10. When there is no WiFi and LAN coverage, I should use my Dopod D810, which is running Microsoft Mobile 6 and HSDPA, to share the networking with Ubuntu laptop(s) for surfing internet.

Surfing internet with these two device with a Bluetooth dongle is very easy.

Eee PC side :

Step 1a

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

Append the following lines to “/etc/network/interfaces” :

auto bnep0
iface bnep0 inet dhcp

Step 1b

sudo nano /etc/modules

Append “bnep” to the end of the file.

Step 1c
Insert the bluetooth dongle to the USB port of Eee PC.

Step 1d
Make sure you enable the “Networking” at the “Bluetooth Preference”. It can be set at the Bluetooth icon on the top of the screen when you inserting the Bluetooh dongle.

Mobile 6 side :

Step 2a
Make sure your phone function is on. Turn on your Pocket PC’s Bluetooth connection and set its visibility to ‘Show to all’ or equivalent.

Step 2b
Search the Eee PC and issue a password (any password you like).

Eee PC side :

Step 3
The Ubuntu will prompt you to enter a password in order to pair with the Mobile 6. Enter the same password that you just entered at the Mobile 6. After that, Ubuntu will show you that two devices are bonded.

Mobile 6 side :

Step 4
On your Pocket PC to Start->Programs->Internet Sharing, choose Bluetooth PAN, and your NetworkConnection and choose Connect.

Eee PC side :

Step 5a
Issue the following command to find the Mobile 6 –

hcitool scan

Step 5b
Then, you will see the following (the address is different from yours) :

Scanning …
00:0E:07:37:7C:BD Samiux

Step 5c
Then, connect your Ubuntu Eee PC to your Pocket PC :

sudo modprobe bnep
sudo pand –connect 00:0E:07:37:7C:BD

Step 6
Now, you will get an IP and you can surf the internet with the connection of Bluetooth.

To confirm if you have an IP, you just issue “ifconfig bnep0” and look for “inet addr : XXX:XXX:XXX:XXX”. It may look like or something like that.

To disconnect, you just disconnect the connection on the Mobile 6. To reconnect, you just repeat the steps on Step 5.

Step 7

You may consider to create a script to run the connection.

sudo pand -K
hcitool scan
sleep 3
sudo pand –connect 00:0E:07:37:7C:BD
sleep 5
ifconfig bnep0

Save it at your home directory as “blue2d810”. Make it executable with “chmod +x blue2d810”. Run it by “./blue2d810” or “sh blue2d810”.



2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I tried this before with my thinkpad x41 Ubuntu 7.10 + Blackjack WM6, and does work but it’s really unstable and slow. carrier is ATT, data plan is payed by month, so it doesn’t work with the other method that use cellphone as modem to do dail up. not sure if that is the reason.

  2. Hum…

    I do all the steps but the bnep0 interface seems to not be created. I get this error message :

    stanelie@ubuntu:~$ ifconfig bnep0
    bnep0: error fetching interface information: Device not found

    Any ideas?

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