How to use 4 GB RAM on a 32-bit Ubuntu?

I increased my 32-bit Ubuntu box from 2 GB to 4 GB RAM and found out that the box only recognized 3.1 to 3.2 GB RAM. I then install the server kernel to make it to read 4 GB of RAM and reboot afterwards.

sudo apt-get install linux-server linux-headers-server

However, my nVidia GeForce 8500GT display card cannot work under the previous installed Ubuntu restricted driver. I should install the official nVidia driver instead. Anyway, 3D desktop and 3D games are not my favorites.

For installing nVidia driver, please refer to :
Gefore 8500GT on Ubuntu 7.04

Updated on 2008-June-15 :

More complete solution is here.

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  1. When using a 32-bit operating system, it is not possible to have access to the full 4GB of physical memory. This is because some of the address space has been reserved for the system functions. Depending on your platform, you should get anywhere between 3GB to 3.5GB of usable memory.

  2. Hi Edmund Tse,

    My 32-bit Ubuntu box recognizes 4GB of RAM when using Ubuntu 32-bit server kernel. ^_^


    • Hi!
      I would like to replace my OS to Ubuntu but I’m confused that I have a 4Gb RAM.
      So, which kernel do you install to recognize your RAM and how does your system works now?

  3. Or you could just recompile the desktop kernel with PAE enabled. That’s the difference that’s causing the server version to see all your RAM.

  4. Hi heliologue,

    I want to make my Ubuntu box simple and easy to maintain thus the server kernel is used.


  5. pity we cant do this with windows…lol

  6. […] Hehehehe… navegando pelo google encontrei este post em um blog e agora compartilho aqui os comandos para instalação de uma recompilação do […]

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