Huawei E270 (Netvigator) on Ubuntu 8.04

The Huawei E270 is recognized by Ubuntu 8.04 out of the box.  However, you need to set something to make it works.  The ISP is PCCW’s Netvigator in Hong Kong.

Plug in the modem.  Choose from the Gnome menu : System >> Administration >> Network >> Connect and select modem.

Activate the function by clicking the box of “activate this connection”.  Type of connection choose “GPRS/UMTS”.  The APN is “pccw” and the username is “user” while the password is “pass”.  (You can type anything at username and password fields indeed)  The “Modem” tab type “/dev/ttyUSB0” at the modem port field.  Then, check all options at the “Option” tab.

Finally, make sure you deleted all the entries at “DNS” tab of the “Network setting” window.  (This step is optional : key in the DNS as “” and “”).  Check the “Modem connection”.

The only problem I encountered is how to make it to work when the modem is re-plugged without reboot.


Updated on 2008-04-23 :
Or, make it simple, please refer to Huawei E169G on Ubuntu 8.04


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