Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on ASUS Eee PC

If you are using Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS, go here.

I am very sad to know that official Ubuntu 8.04 LTS cannot be ran from SDHC on Eee PC. Don’t look back. Okay, I installed 8.04 SE on the SSD of the E.

The process of the installation is smooth. However, the wireless network card and hotkeys (except brightness) does not work out of the box. There is no sound on Eee PC 701 but has sound on Eee PC 900 (Linux).

We can fix these kind of problems by executing shell script files. There is one for 701 and one for 900.

sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`

For Eee PC 701 :
tar -xzvf ubuntu-8.04-eeetweak-eeepc701-1.3.sh.tar.gz
sudo chmod +x ubuntu-8.04-eeetweak-eeepc701-1.3.sh
sudo ./ubuntu-8.04-eeetweak-eeepc701-1.3.sh

Remarks : ubuntu-8.04-eeetweak-eeepc701-1.4.sh is for 2.6.24-18.32 generic kernel
Remarks : ubuntu-8.04-eeetweak-eeepc701-1.5.sh is for 2.6.24-19.34 generic kernel

For Eee PC 900 :
tar -xzvf ubuntu-8.04-eeetweak-eeepc900-1.3.sh.tar.gz
sudo chmod +x ubuntu-8.04-eeetweak-eeepc900-1.3.sh
sudo ./ubuntu-8.04-eeetweak-eeepc900-1.3.sh

Remarks : ubuntu-8.04-eeetweak-eeepc900-1.4.sh is for 2.6.24-18.32 generic kernel
Remarks : ubuntu-8.04-eeetweak-eeepc900-1.5.sh is for 2.6.24-19.34 generic kernel

You can download it at here.

Make sure you are connecting to the internet and the script runs ONCE only.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Work, Easy to Play with Ubuntu 8.04 SE!

Updated on 2008-April-27 :

To tweak the boot up speed, you just need to edit the /boot/grub/menu.lst and add the following to the end of “kernel” tag.

Updated on 2008-April-28 :

The script cannot solve the webcam problem.

Updated on 2008-May-27 :

Procedure to install Ubuntu 8.04 LTS or 8.04 LTS SE “NG” on Eee PC 701 or 900 :

Since Ubuntu 8.04’s wireless driver is not work on Eee PC, you should disable it at “System” >> “Hardware driver”.  There is two entries, disable them all.

Reboot your Eee PC.  After that, run the script file (make sure you have use the correct script file for your Eee PC.  After applied the script, you should reboot the E.

Then, enable the wireless driver at “System” >> “Hardware driver” and reboot the system again.  The wireless will work then.

Updated on 2008-June-11 :

I successfully installed Ubuntu 8.04 LTS SE 080610 basic to 8GB SDHC.  It boots up normally on my Eee PC 701.


32 Responses

  1. The script is working great. Yet the webcam is still not working in my Eee PC 900. Any ideas of making it work? Thanks!

  2. Samiux: Xubuntu Hardy 8.04 can be run on SDHC on the Eee PC. I installed it on a 8GB sdhc card on my 2G 701EeePC two days ago, and sorted out the wireless connection by disabling the restricted modules and adding madwifi. To install Xubuntu Hardy, download .iso and burn to CD (i downloaded the alternate .iso). Then install to SDHC card using a usb card reader (i even did this using an Apple Mac!), takes about 45 minutes. When complete remove card, place into Eee PC card reader and boot with ESC key. My experience with Linux is about 7days – I have never used it before now. The xubuntu installation is so easy – almost too easy.
    PS. Wireless can probably be configured during install: i choose not to configure it during installation because i thought it would be a simple matter of adding router settings afterwards.

    What i would like to know though is: can i now use the suggested tweak “clocksource=hpet” to boost my boot up speed? or does the tweak depend on the shell script files?

  3. Hi posterkid,

    Thank you for your information. I will try to install Ubuntu 8.04 on SDHC again later.

    The “clocksource=hpet” is not a part of the shell script. You can add it to the /boot/grub/menu.lst for smoothly booting process.

  4. sudo chmod +a doesn’t work for me. Also, once I’ve gone and gotten the script running by instead doing sudo chmod 777 the script gives several errors. 404s, no such files, and other errors make the script unusable for me.

  5. seffyroff,

    Sorry for typo, it should read as :
    sudo chmod +x “filename”

    You are suggested to try the script once again with the correct command. Or, re-install the Ubuntu and run the script accordingly.

    The text has been modified. Thanks for your hints.

  6. Hello Samiux,

    I have got my webcam working by upgrading the driver (ucvideo.ko). Nonetheless, the internal microphone is not functioning. Any help about that?

    EEE PC 900 (white)
    4GB SLC + 16GB MLC

  7. fuji0011,

    Hope this may help, it works in Eee PC 701 :

  8. I didn’t test the script yet. but I do recommend the script should be changed in unix format. So that user need not to convert it by themselves. for example someone don’t know the dos2unix command like me at the first hand.

  9. BTW, the boot time seems extremely slow after I added the line
    on my eee 900.

  10. mcdull2k,

    The scripts are in *nix format. The scripts should be downloaded and ran under the Ubuntu platform and you are not require to convert it.

    If the .sh version does not work for you, you may download the .sh.tar.gz version. To extract it by using the following command :

    tar -xvzf xxx.sh.tar.gz

    clocksource=hpet should improve the boot time. I think you may set it wrong in somewhere.

  11. Thanks for your information. And I had install eeebuntu into my SDHC .
    However, the sound does not work. Same case applied to your script. I could be the case that the eee900 has different audio chip from 701. How can I restore the audio driver to default?
    I think we are both from Hong Kong, am I right?

  12. mcdull2k,

    I test the script for 900 under Eee PC 900 and the sound works perfectly. Make sure you have install Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. As far as I know, eeeXubuntu is Xubuntu 7.10.

    Yes, I am living in Hong Kong.

  13. I have tried the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and eeebuntu (8.04 as well). The original 8.04 comes with sound support without the need of any modification. After applying the script and update, the sound gone. So I am not quite sure if it is the script or the update brick the sound driver.

    I will try to install once again your script with the original 8.04 LTS with no update.

  14. BTW, do you know any easy way to connect my 3G mobile phone for dial up via bluetooth?

  15. mcdull2k,

    Please refer to https://samiux.wordpress.com/2007/11/21/surfing-internet-by-connecting-ubuntu-710-on-eee-pc-to-microsoft-mobile-6-via-bluetooth-dongle/

    You may need to do something else on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. I am using 3.5G modem instead. Please refer to https://samiux.wordpress.com/2008/04/23/huawei-e169g-on-ubuntu-804/

    By the way, why not download my remastered Ubuntu 8.04 LTS SE – “NG” version?

  16. your NG version supports all function of EEE 900 initially, right?

  17. https://samiux.wordpress.com/2007/11/21/surfing-internet-by-connecting-ubuntu-710-on-eee-pc-to-microsoft-mobile-6-via-bluetooth-dongle/

    Sorry, for the first link, it applies to Windows Mobile phone only, using the PAN to share. But I want to know the DUN profile for generic phone.

  18. mcdull2k,

    No. my remastered version is not designed for Eee PC. But it is a good start for it.

  19. hi,
    I have downloaded your ubuntu ng version (latest one) and installed it into my eeepc.
    However, none of the network works. Not the wireless nor the ethernet. So no update is possible. (of course I can download the madwifi-ng manually, but it would be difficult for me as I have no usb storage available for me. And my SDHC is the rootfs.

  20. mcdull2k,

    The “NG” version is not designed for Eee PC but it can fit to 4GB SSD.

    Connect your Eee PC to internet with cable and it should work. Download the script mentioned here and install it as instructed. The wireless, sound and function keys should work but except the webcam and sound capture. Webcam and sound capture that I will not use. So, I will not invest any time to tweak them. You may find the solution from the internet by Google or at http://www.eeeuser.com to tweak the webcam and sound capture.

    Good luck!

  21. Hello Samiux,

    I have tried several ways available on the internet and none of them works, any idea of solving the microphone problem? Thank you very much!

    EEE PC 900 (white)
    4GB SLC + 16GB MLC

  22. Hello Samiux,

    I am thinking of downloading the Realtek 5.03 HD audio driver from realtek.com.tw, and compile the driver by myself. What do you think?

    EEE PC 900 (white)
    4GB SLC + 16GB MLC

  23. fuji0011,

    I don’t think the Eee PC 900 is equipped with Realtek sound chip.

    I have no Eee PC 900 in hand at the moment. I will lend one from my friend to have a check.

    I think the wiki and forum at http://www.eeeuser.com may help.

    Or, you may try :

    Do the following to make the microphone working.

    sudo alsactl store
    sudo nano /var/lib/alsa/asound.state

    Find “Capture Switch” and change 2 “false” to “true”.

    sudo alsactl restore

    Good luck!

  24. Samiux,

    I have finally set up the bluetooth ppp connection to my 3G mobile. However, it is necessary to enter pin each time I connected. I am sure that the pin should be remembered by my phone and eeepc. After investigation, I found that each time I connect, the eeepc will give a different mac address so the phone will have to authenticate again.

    etc, all are the same device.. Now my phone has over 10 device binded. Any help?

    Thanks alot.

  25. mcdull2k,

    Please ask this question at Linux section of http://forum.hkepc.com as many experts and I will help you there. Thanks.

  26. […] ein Shellskript verwendet, dass ich in der wiki von http://www.eeeuser.com gefunden habe. Es wird auf dieser Seite für den 700 und den 900 zum Download […]

  27. I executed this script prior to updating the initial 8.04 install. Once I updated, the ODS stuff broke (i.e. the icons no longer appear and the sound controls, for example, don’t seem to be working.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    I don’t really want to re-execute the script but may have to re-ex some parts of it.


  28. pdonner,

    Since the kernel is updated to 2.6.24-18.32, the script does not work. You can simply issue the following commands at terminal to make the acpi module work again.

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install build-essential module-assistant linux-headers-$(uname -r)
    sudo apt-get install eeepc-acpi-source debhelper
    sudo module-assistant build eeepc-acpi-source -u ~
    sudo dpkg -i eeepc-acpi-modules-2.6.24-18-generic_1.0-1+2.6.24-18.32_all.deb

  29. Thanks for preparing the EeePC 900 script. I just tested it on a fresh Ubuntu 8.04 install on a 900. Couple of small gremlins.

    The script should not be run as root (no sudo). The script contains ‘sudo’ command where that is necessary. If you run it as root, then all of the gconftool settings will apply to root user and not you, so the font changes, Alt-F11, none of those changes will work.

    There is a typo on the madwifi bit (might be a typo by madwifi really) even though the archive file is called ‘madwifi-nr-…’ the folder in the archive is called ‘madwifi-ng-‘ (‘ng’ rather than ‘nr’). You just need to change the ‘cd’ command in the script. If madwifi fixes their end, you might need to change it back.

    In addition to what the script does, I also needed to do the sound suspend/resume change and the Compviz move window off top of screen change from this other wiki page:


    The sound fix actually isn’t working for me. The sound still stops working after a suspend or hibernate.

    Also needed to update the kernel module to get the camera working on the 900.

    After the above, I think the sound is my only remaining issue.


  30. I keep losing my Wifi on my 900. I’m not sure if it is after an update or after connecting with GPRS and my cellphone. Today I had Wifi, but no signal so I connected via GPRS. After some time the computer turned off and when it rebooted I had no Wifi anymore…

    Any ideas?

  31. chloraldo,

    Maybe your wifi card is out of order and it needs to repair.

  32. […] https://samiux.wordpress.com/2008/04/26/ubuntu-804-lts-on-asus-eee-pc/這一篇的作者將上一個網站的內容整合成一個script檔,可支援第一代和最新的epc 900,下載執行後重新開機就好了,但是核心版本要注意,最好是2.6.24-16版的(剛裝好時的核心),否則可能Fn鍵的部份不會成功喔。如果核心有更新,那麼wifi和acpi的部份要再做一次。 […]

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