HOWTO : Home made NAS server with Ubuntu 8.04.1 – Part IV

Your Samba server and vsFTPd server are running smoothly. Now, we are discussing the installation of remote BitTorrent feature.

You can access your remote BitTorrent server anywhere at anytime. The server requires Apache, PHP and MySQL. They have been installed when you install your Ubuntu Server that selecting the LAMP option.


sudo apt-get install torrentflux bittornado

You will asked for MySQL root password, it is the same as the one when you install the Ubuntu Server. TorrentFlux Administration password to be entered in the same as the MySQL and Ubuntu user password in my case. (for easy remembering).

Run the TorrentFlux server at your desktop computer with Firefox :

Enter the Log in name as “root” and the password as what you had entered during the installation (TorrentFlux Administration password).

You can replace the “your_server_ip” with your domain name or the IP that provided by your ISP (or say, the real IP).

Updated on 2008-AUG-13 :
Someone complained that the Torrentflux with Bittornado eats a lot of CPU resources. I confirmed that it is. I am looking for an alternative solution – BitTornado (backend) and Torrentflux-b4rt (front end). The title for the tutorial is at HOWTO : Home made NAS server with Ubuntu 8.04.1 – Part IV (a).


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