My home network

I gathered all the HOWTOs for building up my home network here.

My Network

My Network

(1) Router
(2) NAS – Part I (Introduction)
(3) NAS – Part II (Samba)
(4) NAS – Part III (vsFTPd)
(5) NAS – Part IV (BitTorrent)
(6) NAS – Part IV(a) (BitTorrent)
(7) NAS – Part V (System Tunning)
(8) NAS – Part VI (ClamAV)
(9) NAS – Part VII (Music Server) (added on October 1, 2008)
(10) IP-PBX (VoIP server)
(11) Intrusion Detection System (IDS) (added on October 2, 2008)

This summary is built for reading and searching easily. Enjoy!!!

Updated on 2009-FEB-22 :
Partial of my network is virtualized by VirtualBox 2.1.4. The VoIP gateway and IDS cannot be virtualized due to the limitation of VirtualBox. The home network is now Green now!

5 Responses

  1. Hi Samiux,

    I’m the absolute beginner in Linux. Would u please tell me is it possible to connect your Zero Shell router to Ubuntu server in wireless?


  2. oops2u,

    It is possible to connect ZeroShell and Ubuntu server by wireless. However, you should make sure your wireless card has Linux driver.

    You may have a look at below if you have no wireless support for your wireless card :


  3. Samiux,

    Yes, I’ve checked my ZyXEL G-220 wireless USB adapter, it can use in Ubuntu.

    If I want to use my old P3 computer to setup a FTP server and HTTP server at home, and I’m a PCCW netvigator user, do you have any advise for me? Do I need any custom setting? Choose static IP or dynamic IP? Choose DHCP or DHCP & NAT? Choose or And I’ve applied a dynamic DNS(e.g., can I fill the in the Hostname? Or I’m really have no idea, please help!!

    Now my home network setting is:
    PCCW modem -> Apple Airport Extreme wireless route -> 1) P3 computer, 2) iMac


  4. oops2u,

    I think I answer your question dated October 11, 2008 by means of email is better.

    email has been sent to your mailbox.


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