HOWTO : Cacti on Ubuntu 9.04 server


Cacti is a graphical network traffic analysis system based on Apache, PHP, MySQL, SNMP and RRDTool. It can monitor the machines in your network.

To install Cacti on Ubuntu 9.04 is very easy and straight forward.

Step 1 :

Install Ubuntu 9.04 server as Cacti server. Select LAMP and OpenSSH during the installation. For example, the IP of the Cacti server is

Step 2 :

sudo apt-get install cacti

Step 3 :

At the client side (any machine or server in your network that to be monitored), it should be Ubuntu server or debian server. For other distributions, please use the related command to install snmpd accordingly.

sudo apt-get install snmpd

Step 4 :

sudo nano /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf

Add the following lines to the related sections :

com2sec notConfigUser public
access notConfigGroup "" any noauth exact all none none

Save it and exit. Then restart the snmpd.

sudo /etc/init.d/snmpd restart

Step 5 :

At the browser, enter the address as the following :

User name and password are “admin“.

Accept the default settings.

Add the machine(s) that you want to monitor on the screen.

Step 6 :

Wait for the graphical charts to generate.


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