My Perfect Home Network 2009 (Version 4.0)


The following is the setting of “My Perfect Home Network 2009 (Version 4.0)”. Virtualization technology can reduce the number of servers you owned. It saves room, electricity and money as well as manpower to manage. Therefore, it has one more term – Green Computing.

Configuration of KVM Server
2 x Intel Xeon E5420 Quad-Core CPU
6 x 1TB Hard drive on hardware RAID 5EE

KVM Server
Virtualization Server (that runs the following 5 servers)
Proxmox on Debian 5.01 Lenny

Server #0
Running Untangle inside.

Server #1
Almost perfect and secure Ubuntu 9.04 LAMP Server

Server #2
WebDAV on Ubuntu 9.04 Server

Server #3
Sockso (Music Server) on Ubuntu 9.04 Server

Server #4
ntop on Ubuntu 9.04 Server

Server #5
Torrentflux-b4rt with Cherokee on Ubuntu 9.04 Server


Router to router
Connecting wired router to wireless router


Evolution of my network 2007-2009

2007 – a very simple network with a wired and a wireless router


2009 (Version 3.4)

2009 (Version 4.0) *This writing* – It is finally simplified into one server with the help of modern computing technology!