HOWTO : Quota with ext4 on Ubuntu 9.04 Server

There is a bug in quota package when filesystem is ext4 in Ubuntu 9.04 Server. You cannot activate quota function under ext4 on Ubuntu 9.04. However, we can use Ubuntu 9.10’s package instead. It is in alpha stage at the moment.

Step 1 :

Download the package at here and the current version is 3.17-3 by this writing.

Install the package and configure the package as usual.

sudo dpkg -i <package_name>

Step 2 :

Edit /etc/fstab and add “usrquota,grpquota” on the partition with the mount point /.

sudo touch /quota.user /
sudo chmod 600 /quota.*
sudo mount -o remount /

Step 3 :

sudo quotacheck -avugm
sudo quotaon -avug

That’s all. See you!