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  1. Ten tips for new Ubuntu users

  2. Hi, I am a newbee to the ubuntu OS. While I have no problem setting the OS, but I have difficultiy setting up internet connection on ubuntu 8.04. I am using Netvigator with Arescom NetDSL 1200 broadband modem. Can you give some advice?Thanks.

  3. cwc436,

    If you can read Traditional Chinese, there is a tutorial there.

    If you set it as start up automatically, the other part of the tutorial is useless. Just up to “sudo pppoeconf”.

    Or, you may consider to add a router behind your modem that requires no setting of pppoeconf.


  4. Samiux,

    Thanks for your advice. I have followed the instruction in the link you suggested. There is no “inet addr” in my system. I then followed the step described in the link on “applying DHCP to hook onto internet”. These steps are useless in my case. Are there any other steps I can try before embarking on the router alternative?

    Am I right to guess that the Arescom modem does not support the ubuntu OS? Is Debian easier to hooking up to Netvigator?


  5. cwc436,

    Suppose your Ubuntu box is connected to the modem directly and the connection type is PPPoE, such as Netvigator in Hong Kong.

    You will never get the “inet addr” when you issue the command “ifconfig eth0”. You are also never get the result when you issue “dhclient eth0”. I think there is an error in the tutorial.

    You just need to issue the command “sudo pppoeconf” at the terminal. Follows the diagrams in the tutorial. Make sure you select to activate at the boot time. And up to the instruction of all the diagrams. The other instructions are useless.

    Good luck.


    • Hi,

      Your server tutorials are really good if you are intered to submit them to ubuntugeek.com site it would help more ubuntu community users.

      Please contact them at admin@ubuntugeek.com

      Thanks for your nice server tutorials


  6. Your post on dual booting Kali/OSX saved me A LOT of headache. Much appreciated!

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