for ThinkPad

***This version is no longer support and it is just for experiment only.***

Lambda Linux for ThinkPad is a 64-bit system that is customized for Lenovo ThinkPad series. Lambda Linux is remastered from Ubuntu Linux with some softwares and plugins. It is identical to Ubuntu Linux in general. Lambda Linux is in Traditional Chinese by default. Fingerprint reader, Active Drive Protection (APS) and Trackpoint middle scroll button are activated.

Workable machines :
X61, T61 and X300

(X300 should disable the TouchPad in BIOS in order to use the Trackpoint middle scroll button, the APS does not work as it has a SSD not hard drive)

Not workable machines :
X200 and T400

(they have different fingerprint reader which is not the same as X61, T61 and X300)

Not yet tested machines :
X60, T60, X301, W700

Usage 1 :
To use the Fingerprint reader, you should store your fingerprint to the ThinkPad by executing the following command :
sudo /usr/bin/thinkfinger_setup

Note : if you encounter any problem on the Fingerprint reader, you should reboot your system to execute the captioned command again.

Usage 2 :
To run the game Neverball, you should DISABLE the SPECIAL EFFECT by right click on the wallpaper. Select “Change Wallpaper or Background”, click on “Nil or No” on the tab of “Visual Effect”. If you want to test your APS, you can simply run the following command but you should also DISABLE the SPECIAL EFFECT, otherwises, the image on the screen will be damaged.

Usage 3 :
When the wireless is enabled and reachable, you may asked for the password to unlock the keyring every when you login the ThinkPad by swiping your fingerprint. To avoid this feature, you should enable the auto login to unlock the keyring.

Select “Edit” and “Preference”. Change the new password of “Login” to blank. Then, the keyring will be automatically unlock when you login by swiping your fingerprint.

Known issue :
You should re-login after the screensaver is activated by mean of swiping your fingerprint only. Typing your password is not accepted.


The current version of Lambda Linux for ThinkPad is :

Download AMD64 at here
md5sum : 191381c5a09d835904a1493f92778ba6

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